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Week 1 – In-Class Exercise: Tangrams

As a part of exploring different techniques and the fundamentals of effective symbol design, we were given an in-class exercise to create symbols from the following categories with tangrams:

Animal, Appliance, Action Figure, Vehicle, Face & Flower

Insights:  To be able to come up with something totally different to the person beside you and still be able to make a form or shape that fitted into the above categories was the hardest part. You’d realize how creative and different everyone is because you had never thought of putting together the shapes that way. Or you would realize once in a while that we’re really not that different because we would occasionally come up with the exact same things.


Week 1 – Symbol Style: Directional Symbols

In this weeks class we discussed about directional symbols and how it can direct us or indicate us to a location. These symbols are occasionally delivered through the use of arrows. However, there are some symbols that don’t use arrows at all, and some of those are shown below.

The above symbols are examples of how symbols without arrows can show directions. Through the use of footsteps leading to a certain location, and the use of hand signaling.

Footsteps have been a a popular choice for advertising. Companies such as The Hype DC footwear stores and Mcdonalds have both used this concept before to indicate that their store is near by.

Insights: It was interesting to see how many other ways directions could be interpreted without the use of arrows. I had always thought arrows were the most direct and easiest ways to give someone directions, however the above example of the footsteps is definitely a clear example of how direction can be clearly expressed without the use of arrows.