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Group Work: Distribution 2

So, on the last distribution we managed to fill up 2-3 bags of rubbish. The response was better than the first distribution and people were more willing to take pictures. We had extra flyers to hand out and posters were on the bin so people had an idea of what we were doing. In my opinion, we were more successful this time.

People were happy that there was a bin coming to them, it was convenient for them because they did not have to get up to walk to the bins provided at the beach which were sort of far away from where they were sitting.

On another note, our facebook page has reached over 300 members!

Here are some photos from the last distribution to sum up this post.


Week 12 – Intangible Symbols

The above is a music symbol. When we see this symbol we all immediately think of music, but how many of us know why it represents music, and how it represents music.

The power on and off symbol is also widely used amongst most electronic devices. It represents power, but again, how does it?

Out of all the symbols researched this topic has been the most difficult.