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Group Work: Update 2 – The Distribution

The first distribution was not so successful, we came across many obstacles.

such as:

– people avoiding us and saying no to putting their rubbish in our bin, especially since we had cameras around.

– securities in darling harbour stopping us to ask us what we were doing

apart from the above obstacles, we did manage to get some good shots of people who were willing to participate.

this is a video and some photos summing up our first distribution.


sam the bin roller

the team!


On a side note, we have managed to have over 200 people like our facebook page about the cause! so hurray to that!


Group Work: Update

We have been keeping on track with our work and have already completed our first distribution.

Preparing for the first distribution was a hectic task. We all had designated tasks.

Sam was incharge of designing and printing out the stickers.

Herly, desining and printing out the posters.

Julie, making the t-shirts

and I, design and make the bin.

Below are images of our work.

the t-shirts

the stickers

the bin

painting the board

painting the board 2

making of the box

making of the box 2

Group Work: Final Cause Logo

This was decided to be our final logo by the class and our lecturers who acted as our clients.

Week 11 – Design a Sound Symbol

In this exercise we had to create a symbol that represented sound. For this exercise I decided to use circles to represent sound waves.

Week 9 – Poster Exercise

Poster made for the in-class exercise. For this exercise, a poster had to be created to advertise our cause. The choice of colours and imagery were chosen and/or designed to target younger audiences.

Week 8 – Philosophy Symbol

There are seven major Chakra centres of the physical body. Through our Chakras, we receive physical, emotional, and spiritual energy. The above image shows the symbols and colours of each of the seven chakras.